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CoreNexa's rich desktop application has a full featured soft phone fully integrated to satisfy the user's calling needs. The dial pad icon at the top of the application will reveal a dial pad that the user can use to enter a number to dial. Additionally, phone numbers within the application can all be clicked on and easily dialed.

The dial pad icon will only be visible if the soft phone is configured and registered to a calling service. If the user is logged into a CoreNexa account this information is populated automatically from the provisioning system.

If the user is utilizing a third party PBX the calling information must be manually entered in the application preferences. Note that for third party integrations, Voicemail, Recordings and Call History will not be available in the left side menu.

Making a call

To make a call, click on the Dial Pad icon and enter an extension or phone number (or find and click on a user's phone number on any Contact card).

In-Call controls

The in-call controls allow the user to Mute the microphone, place the call on hold (the user will hear music on hold), add another party to the call, move the call, and hangup.

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