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Updated: May 16, 2022

CoreNexa's rich browser application has a full featured soft phone fully integrated to satisfy the user's calling needs. The dial pad icon at the top of the application will reveal a dial pad that the user can use to enter a number to dial. Additionally, phone numbers within the application can all be clicked on and easily dialed.

The dial pad icon will only be visible if the has an extension configured. If the user is logged into a CoreNexa account this information is typically populated automatically from the provisioning system.

Making a Call

Clicking on the dial pad at the top of the application will pop-down a dial pad.

To place a call, enter a number on your computer's keyboard or press the numbers on the dial pad.

Once the user is on a call, the call control will appear at the top of the page as seen below:

The icons as the appear across the top are: Call Record (if enabled for the user), Mute, Call Hold, Add Call, Transfer call and hang up.

Receiving a Call

When a call is coming in, a pop-up will appear. Additionally at the top of the Browser App window you'll see the option to pick up the call (handset) or the option to dismiss the call. When you hit dismiss in the web client it does stop the call from ringing on the web client but other devices continue to ring until the ringing timeout is hit and then it is sent to voicemail.

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