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Using Meetings and Rooms with Browser Client

Updated: May 16, 2022

The CoreNexa Browser Client utilizes WebRTC to deliver audio and video through a web browser. Most modern browsers support WebRTC although all may not implement it exactly the same way. The Chrome browser and its derivatives (like Microsoft's new Edge browser) lead the pack with their WebRTC functionality.

When a user clicks on the Join a Meeting icon next to a meeting or room name (see picture below), a separate tab opens in the user's web browser and a connection to that meeting or room is started.

Before entering the meeting, the user is (by default) presented with a camera / microphone settings screen as seen below. On this page the user can check which camera and microphone are to be used as well as whether to enter the meeting with video enabled or disabled.

Once the user enters the meeting controls similar to the Desktop Client will be shown at the bottom of the viewing area as seen in the following screen shot:

In Meeting Controls

The following are the in-meeting controls:

From left to right the controls are:

Left Side Menu

The left side menu shows the number of participants in a meeting or room and allows access to chat.

Once the Chat icon is clicked the meeting's public chat will be shown to the left of the video tiles as seen below (clicking on the chat icon again will hide the chat).

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