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Creating and Managing Meetings

Updated: May 16, 2022

On the CoreNexa home page click on either of the ‘+’ icons to create a new meeting.

Clicking on either of the Create Meeting buttons will show the create meeting button:

Here the user can create a ‘Start Now’ meeting or schedule a meeting for some day and time in the future. A ‘Start Now’ meeting will create a meeting and place the user in the new meeting immediately.

Once a scheduled meeting is created, a modal is displayed with the meeting details. If the user's account is connected with a Google or Microsoft O365 account the user will also have the option to add the meeting to their calendar.

Managing Meetings

To view your scheduled meetings, select ‘My Scheduled Meetings’ filter view as shown below.

Then click on view details to view details about the meeting. If the filter view is ‘My Google Calendar’ or ‘My Microsoft Calendar’ clicking on the details of a meeting will open a web browser page with the meeting details in the user's calendar.

The edit meeting modal will then appear where you can modify details about the meeting. Click on the ‘Pencil’ icon to edit or the ‘Trash can’ icon to delete.

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