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  • Aaron Lopez

Video Tile Controls

The user has the ability to perform certain actions on each video tile in the video display area. Mousing over a video tile will reveal the video tile controls which are Mute, Popout, and More.

Users can mute/unmute their own video on their video tile (as another option to the mute control below in the in meeting controls.

Popout lets the user pop a video out of the meeting window area. Once a video tile has been popped out, the user can stretch the video, make it full screen and move it to a different monitor.

Manipulating Popped Out Videos

With a video popped out the user can click and drag inside the video window to stretch the video. The user can also drag a video to another monitor and with the control in the center of a video tile, make that video full screen.

More Icon

The More icon on a video tile allows the user to initiate a private chat and have a private sidebar conversation with this user.

If the user is a moderator for this meeting or room there are some additional controls made available. These include the ability to make this user a moderator for the meeting, mute the audio of this person, mute the video of this person, and remove this user from the meeting.

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