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  1. Click on the Voicemail menu item to see your visual voicemail.

  2. The following information is available for each voicemail received

  • Caller ID: the name & number of the person that left you a voicemail

  • Date & time

  • Voicemail transcription (if purchased)

  1. The following actions are available for each voicemail:

  • Listen to voicemail

  • Call back

  • Text back

  • Send voicemail via email

  • Delete by sliding voicemail entry to the left

  • To delete multiple voicemails:

  • Click the avatar of one of the voicemails for deletion. You will notice a checkbox appears.

  • Select the other voicemail(s) you want to delete

  • Click Delete icon in the top right hand corner

  • To delete all simply click Select All checkbox in the top left hand corner then click Delete icon

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

  1. To create/edit your voicemail Greeting, click Greeting in the top right hand corner

  1. Select the mailbox from the options. Select the greeting you wish to create/edit.

  1. Tap the Record button to start/stop recording and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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