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Peplink Balance 20X

As a business owner, you know that reliable internet connectivity is crucial to the success of your operations. Slow internet speeds, spotty connections, and dropped calls can all negatively impact productivity and customer satisfaction. That's where the Peplink Balance 20x comes in - this router is designed specifically to provide fast, reliable connectivity for businesses with VoIP phones.

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WAN Smoothing

The Peplink Balance 20x utilizes WAN smoothing technology to ensure that your internet connection is always stable and fast, even during times of high network congestion. This technology uses advanced algorithms to identify and manage network traffic, ensuring that your VoIP calls are always crystal clear.

Failover Internet Capability 

In addition to load balancing, the Peplink Balance 20x provides failover functionality with SpeedFusion. This allows your router to automatically switch to a backup internet connection if your primary connection goes down, ensuring that your business stays online and connected at all times. SpeedFusion also provides VPN connectivity, which is essential for businesses that need to securely connect remote workers or offices to their main network.


Guest Network Wi-Fi

The Peplink Balance 20x also includes guest WiFi functionality, which allows you to create a separate network for guests and visitors to your business. This keeps your main network secure while still providing internet access for your guests.



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