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Smart Fax Services

Automated Telecom’s SmartFax Service uses the internet to fax over your files instead of traditional phone lines. This will allow you and your business to have the ability to receive or send out files through our web portal, sending an email, or you can use your standard fax machine with our optional SmartFax Bridge.

Fax the way you want

It is easy to use and there are 3 ways to send and receive faxes and includes a friendly, easy-to-use, web portal to manage your faxes from any computer with internet access. 

Keep Your Fax Machine

Connect your analog fax machine to your internet service. Without any need to maintain an analog phone line exclusively for your fax machines, a Fax Bridge saves you money. And with all your documents being sent over our Smart Fax Services secure Priority Delivery Network, you can rest assured your private documents are regulation-compliant and reliably delivered.

Easy to Use Interface

We offer a robust, carrier-class administrative web interface.

Safe and Secure

 Safeguarding data and maintaining compliance is a continually changing endeavor. Hacking methods are continually advancing. Regulations change constantly. It can be a lot to keep up with. Let Automated Telecom help you improve document security and workflow.

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Keep Your Business Moving

 It is important for any business operation to plan and prepare not only for events that will stop functions but for events that can potentially affect the services and functions of your business. That’s why at Automated Telecom we want to help your company be prepared, and stay prepared.


I have been using automated telecom for 30 years now and I have had no issues. It's a great company and very efficient. I recommend them highly.

-Janine Stevens

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