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Upgrade to the Robocall Filter Today

Here at Automated Telecom, we recorded on average for the last month of testing that we were receiving about 37 robocalls a month, since we have created this new filter we have not received even one robocall which allowed our team to be more productive throughout the day without losing concentration due to a phone that should not be ringing, to begin with.

About Our Robocall Filter

The auto-attendant you know and love just got a whole lot better. Forget the annoying calls that you answer and there is nobody on the other end of the line, or robots calling you saying that you won a trip to somewhere, they are all time-wasting phone calls that disrupt your business. For only 5 dollars more a month we can add a robocall filter.

This robocall filter will boost your business’s productivity because on average, businesses receive 22 robocalls per month per extension. The robocall filter will not allow these robocalls through to your extensions because of our new call screening. This allows only real people to call you so that you are not wasting any time with any of those annoying robots.

Give our number a call if you would like to hear what the call screening sounds like.

How Do We Achieve Call Screening?

After trial and error on the different systems, we finally understood how most robocalls work. They can bypass the regular Auto Assistant by pressing numbers like the number one over and over again after dialing which puts them through to the extension on most basic auto attendants.


What did we do to combat this situation? We built a new cloud extension that puts all the incoming calls into a lobby where the Auto Attendant will prompt the customer to put in the parties extension and if the robocall is pressing certain combinations for example “1111” (because the robocall is programmed to click the same button) most auto attendants let calls go through by pressing one.


I have been using automated telecom for 30 years now and I have had no issues. It's a great company and very efficient. I recommend them highly.

-Janine Stevens

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