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Upgrade to the Robocall Filter Today

At Automated Telecom, we used to receive an average of 37 robocalls per month. However, since implementing our new filter, we haven't received a single robocall. This has significantly increased our team's productivity as they no longer get distracted by unwanted calls throughout the day.

About Our Robocall Filter

The auto-attendant that you're familiar with has undergone significant improvements. You no longer have to deal with frustrating calls where nobody responds, or automated calls notifying you that you've won a free trip. Such calls are a waste of time and can be disruptive to your business. By adding a robocall filter for only $5 extra per month, you can eliminate these issues.

This robocall filter can enhance your business's efficiency since, on average, each extension receives 22 robocalls per month. Our new call screening technology prevents these robocalls from reaching your extensions, allowing only real people to contact you. This ensures that you don't waste your time dealing with pesky robots.

Make sure your business isn't missing out on the advantages of the robocall filter. Get in touch with us now to discover how the robocall filter can enhance your business operations and protect you from unwanted spam calls. 


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